Our Services

AQUAlity Engineering provides consulting services in drinking water quality,
​water treatment ​and water distribution. The firm specializes in a number of fields, such as:

  • Treatment strategies
  • Disinfection processes
  • Distribution system water quality 
  • Regulatory compliance.

Bridging two decades of expertise working in the water industry in North America, and several years in Eastern Africa and the Caribbean, AQUAlity also provides quality services in water, hygiene and sanitation in low-income countries.

Chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide, ozone, UV, advanced oxidation processes, and disinfection by-products.

Regulatory Compliance

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Federal and State
regulations, current
​and upcoming rules. 

Microbial challenges, 
nitrification, corrosion,
and blending of water 
​from different sources.

Distribution Systems

Treatment strategies

​AQUAlity Engineering, Inc.

From source water to the entry points of the distribution system.

  • ​AQUAlity is fully insured with A+ rated companies. 
  • AQUAlity holds woman-owned enterprise (WBE) and small business enterprise ​(SBE) certificates. ​
  • AQUAlity is an environmentally sensitive firm that strives to maintain a low footprint.

​​We offer consulting services in water quality, and water treatment and distribution

Disinfection Processes